Dr. Nansen G. Saleri

Chairman, CEO, Co-Founder

Quantum Reservoir Impact (QRI)

Dr. Nansen G. Saleri is the Chairman, CEO, and co-founder of Quantum Reservoir Impact (QRI), a leading advisory, advanced analytics, and Augmented AI firm in oil and gas since 2007. He is one of the industry's preeminent authorities in reservoir management. He is also the President of the Kristin Saleri Art Foundation. As the former Head of Reservoir Management for Saudi Aramco for a decade, Dr. Saleri led efforts in introducing Best-in-Class programs in waterflooding and Maximum Reservoir Contact wells, most notably in Ghawar, the world's most prolific oil field. Dr. Saleri, SPE Distinguished Member and Distinguished Speaker, holds seven patents, and he is a sought-after opinion leader on global energy issues with credits including the Wall Street Journal, Houston Chronicle, Reuters, Bloomberg and CNBC.

Dr. Nansen G. Saleri


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